SH Part Deux 

We slipped into a darkened bedroom suite and this beautiful princess switches off the bed-side lamp to leave only a sliver of light from the en suite. I briefly hear grumbling from our counterparts but they are immediately hushed as snaps and hooks are amplified in the ambient light. 

The realness of our shapes taking form before their very eyes, a white lace dress, a gold chemise, then a black lace bra, some of it slips from my body while other pieces are tossed cerimoniously. 

All the while, she has presented herself in the middle of crisp white sheets like the gift of all gifts. She’s a Goddes, no doubt. I have butterflies in the pit of my stomach and fire in my eyes, her skin is tanned from the Georgia sun-feels like velvet, and her body is tiny and deliciously tight. Her nipples stand to attention, demanding my lips, and I’m the greedy little minx who crawls up the side of the bed as she opens her thighs and welcomes me in. 

There’s desire in her emerald eyes and her pouty pink lips are parted when my arms cage her shoulders and I lean in. Oh, I know, it’s against our rules, but I want her to taste herself on my tongue, so I kiss her. And kiss her, and kiss, until the the heat between my legs is disturbed by someone’s fingers. 

Erotically, I have no idea who is touching me. And because she’s beneath me, I don’t even care. I let him explore my wetness as I slither down her body and move between her thighs again, because she’s a drug and I’ve had my first hit. 

I feel the pressure of his body body behind me and just as my lips part hers, he pushes in at the same time I do. There’s a collective breath. The air has been vacuumed from the room and only us four exist in the bubble. 

There’s a gorgeous sound coming from above us, and I roll my eyes up just for a peek. I see his body so familiar and her lips engulfing him. I’m enraptured at the sight, like I’m watching a foreign film, without subtitles and it’s black and white, and my tongue plunges deeper as I close my eyes. 

He’s beating a steady rhythm behind me, his hands are firmly clutching my hips and my senses are in overload. There’s a shifting and I’m suddenly on my back and and looking down and I’m watching her dark her fan out across my chest and slowly follow her between my thighs. 

Her fingers slide over my lips, down, back, down, part, and she lowers her beautiful mouth as I close my eyes…


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