Cliff Diving…

She believed her world was centered around the oxygen from another’s very breath. That without it, the world would not turn. 

It would simply tilt on its axis-askew. Slip and lose its grip, its footholds sliding like stilettos on gravel roads in mid-july’s rare summer rain. 

She believed her happiness did not exist in the continuum that didn’t hold the two of them together. For so many years, her voice had carried them through good times and bad times and even more than bad times, the worst of times, the very shadow of the valley of death and yet! She left. 

She had chosen no special occasion, no specific wrong or outburst…

She hadn’t chosen at all, she became indifferent.

And indifference is a fate worse than choice.

It’s perilous, because it’s ignorance and selfishness and spiteful and even more than that…

It can only be seen in the aftermath-

In looking back, one will say, if only they would have! If only she could have! But, it’s too late. Because, you can never return to a heart unbroken. 

They do not exist, they can never exist, they will never, ever again exist. 


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